Certification Programme

NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) – for Finance Students

A critical element of financial sector growth is the development of a pool of human resources with the right skills and expertise in each segment of the industry to provide quality intermediation to market participants. In order to dispense quality intermediation, personnel working in the industry need to i. follow a certain code of conduct usually achieved through regulations and ii possess requisite skills and knowledge acquired through a system of testing and certification.

Taking into account international experience and needs of the Indian financial markets, NSC introduced a facility for testing and certification, by launching SNE's Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM).


NCFM tests the practical knowledge and skills required to operate in the financial markets.

  • Introduced in 1998, the first of its kind in Financial Markets.
  • Fully automated testing, assessing, score reporting facility, minimizing misconduct and malpractices.
  • Over 250,000 candidates tested till date.
  • NCFM conducts tests in over 35 locations in 13 modules.
  • Testing can be conducted outside India, based on certain requirements.

The financial Markets are going to be the turf of certified professionals very soon due to regulatory compulsions ad or initiatives of the industry. By imparting comprehensive knowledge and skill in a chosen field, NCFM enhance career opportunities for NCFM Certified Persons.

NHRD Certification Programme for HR Students

Discover emerging HR technologies, practices and thoughts shaping the future of business & society.

Retail Certification Programme for Marketing Students

Retail certificate programs can prepare individuals for retail management positions and certification examinations. These programs, which often include practical work, may introduce students to the changing world of retail, teach them how to increase profits and instruct them on how to recruit and properly train new employees. Individuals who plan to start their own retail businesses or who are currently majoring in marketing or information systems could benefit from earning a retail certificate. As an education prerequisite, schools may request that applicants possess a high school diploma or its equivalent.

The National Retail Federation offers retail certifications in customer service, sales, retail management and professional retail business. In order to obtain certification in retail management, individuals must successfully pass an exam that focuses on merchandising, service, selling, operation, human resources and financial accountability. The professional retail business credential requires individuals to pass an exam that tests them on retail management, warehousing, logistics, marketing and retail planning.

Program Coursework

Courses may be offered in accounting, business and computer applications. Students learn how to improve their communication skills with employees and supervisors. They could also be offered internships to supplement their educations and gain work experience. Other coursework may include the following:

  • Visual merchandising
  • Public speaking
  • Supervision principles
  • Spanish for retail
  • Financial accounting
  • Human relations
  • Business math
  • Organizational behavior
  • Retail marketing
  • Management principles

Popular Career Options

After earning a retail certificate, graduates could be prepared for a variety of positions in a supervisory or managerial capacity. With more experience and education, individuals might even be prepared to work as store owners and retail buyers. Career options include the following:

  • Store manager
  • Retail loss prevention manager
  • Retail operations manager
  • Assistant store manager
  • Retail human resources manager