Why Bangalore

Why Bengalore

Bangalore, which is also known as Silicon City of India, is a gateway to many global frontiers. The IT Hub of the country is headquarters to a large number of Indian and MNC corporate houses. A pleasant climate, an English-speaking cosmopolitan population, smooth industrial relations and a reasonably good law and order situation have helped consortiums to setup International Technology Park, the Electronic City; and the export promotion industrial park.

  • Bangalore contributes 33% of the country’s IT Exports.
  • The District is ranked as one of the top Five Technology Clusters in the world.
  • The district has become a Research and Development Hub for many public sector that includes HAL, BEL, HMT, BEML and ITI; scientific research centres such as the IISc, ISRO, C- DAC, and CPRI etc,.
  • Bangalore is classified as the Innovation Cluster by Word Economic Forum.
  • Bangalore is considered as the best cosmopolitan city of India to ‘live and work’.
  • It is becoming a ‘Medical Hub’ due to the presence of World’s largest ‘healing center’ and ‘telemedicine center’.
  • It is 3rd largest hub for high net worth individuals: There are nearly 10,000 millionaires with an investable surplus of USD1.15 mn.
  • The presence of HAL headquarter and R&D center, National Aerospace Laboratories and several flying clubs has made Bangalore a aviation cluster of India.