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Welcome to Sindhi Institute of Management

We at Sindhi Institute of Management, extend a very warm welcome to you, as an aspirant of management studies. I feel proud in sharing that Sindhi Institute of Management is among the fastest growing institution for management studies.

The faculty members at Sindhi Institute of Management have a rich blend of academic and corporate experience and thus use the teaching pedagogy, which help you visualize the management concept for application in corporate world. The mentoring process adopted by the faculty members helps you introspect for your strengths and area of interest to further improve your place-ability score.

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Seeking Divine Intervention

This year ,with the severity of the second corona wave the members of the Sindhi Seva Samiti performed Ashtami Homa on April 20th 2021 for the well being and good health of mankind.

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2nd rank in the "Top 20 Emerging B-Schools in India" category of the "Beyond IIMs B-School Survey 2016" conducted by Higher Education Review magazine.

9th rank in the "Top 10 B-Schools for Infrastructure Facilities" category of the "Beyond IIMs B-School Survey 2016" conducted by Higher Education Review magazine.

28th rank in the "India's Top B-School Brands: 2016" survey conducted by Business Barons magazine.


The Place where you study "Does" Matter. It is built with modern architecture providing students the International ambience.

Library And Well Equipped Computer Lab :

Our Library has a vast collection of both Curriculum and Non Curriculum based books.

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Spacious Classrooms Equipped With A/V Technology :

Our Classrooms are equipped with the AC so that we do not have disturbance of any kind.

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Indoor Stadium & Auditorium :

We can boast of an Indoor Auditorium which can seat 880 with Ultramodern sound systems.

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Security at the Institute

The campus at Sindhi Institute of Management is well secured with good number of security personnel 24/7 for 365 days.

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Vegetarian Food or 25 MYR given per day for food.


16 days and 15 nights, University Hostel


Travel via Airplane and Coach for Domestic transits


Training and certification from University of MALAYA


3 Industries + 1 Entrepreneurial Talk


1 City Tour + 2 Amusement park + Shopping time.