Cultural Events

Live Concert By KK Show

KK's brilliant performance @ the SINDHI B SCHOOL. One of the most successful event with 2,000+ audience. It is our pleasure to inform you that we had organized The First Live in Concert by renowned Bollywood Singer Krishna Kumar Kunnath popularly called as KK. We in association with Alive India Music are organizing this event to celebrate the Diamond jubilee Celebration at Manpho Covention Centre. It was one of the much awaited event with tremendous support from the students of many schools and colleges in and around Bangalore.


Two days Intercollegiate Management Fest conducted. Chief Guest of the events were: Mr. Vijayaraghavendra, Kannada Cine Actor, Ms. Roopa, South Indian Actress and Mr. Syed Siddique, Mr. Asia.

27 Events held & More than 2000 Students participated from101 Colleges. Christ University won the overall championship of Cresindo

Spandana - Literary Fest

Sahitya Sindhu Vaibhava the Literary Fest of Sindhi College of Commerce was celebrated with immense excitement. The Vice Chancellor of Sanskrit University Dr. M Venkatesh was the Chief Guest of the day. He ascended the dias and in his speech quoted a passage from Ramayana Darshana and said that Literature has no language, it is the language of the heart. Beauty brings joy to a person irrespective of where it originates from. Literature is an aesthetic art, he also said that the ability to appreciate it should be nurtured and enhanced. He applauded Sindhi College for providing a forum to all the art enthusiasts to display their talents and also express themselves.

He concluded by saying that literature builds the character of a person, it encourages people to view the world with a critical eye which is very essential in this commercial society.

The quiz, Bhagavadgita recital competition and folk dance event saw participants in large numbers. The fest was a grand success with over 60 colleges participating in it.

The cultural events followed after this with skits in all the four languages. The participants were huge in numbers and were very colorfully dressed which depicted various characters from different dramas. The art exhibition was a forum for students to display their hobbies of collecting rare artifacts and manuscripts of different languages.